LT Transport Inc. provides Door to Door transport from home to school, and back for special needs children.  We offer competitive wages and promote an environment of great integrity, professionalism, customer service, and excellence to attract and retain exceptional employees. 

WeLoveLTTransportWe are dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation for special needs childrenin a friendly atmosphere.

If this sounds like the ideal company to work for then LT Transport Inc. is the place for you.

fbi_badgeMost companies are now required to  provided both BCI and FBI background screening for their employees. LT Transport not only insures that our employees  are BCI and FBI approved – we have also created a bridge to help any individual or company who are in need of BCI and FBI background screening services.

L.T. Fastprint, which is conveniently located adjacent to LT Transport performs background screening services and features: 
               **No messy inks
               **Instant transmission
               **Accurate results
               **Affordable prices

Drivers1At LT Transport we ensure the safety of all children we transport by personally training all our drivers to be sensitive as well as caring to provide a positive experience for everyone.

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